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What is a Security Check?

We care about the safety of our customers! HDD THE LABEL may require further verification of your order to ensure that orders are authorized by the cardholder.

Our security team will contact the customer for verification via email or phone. If a response is not given to our inquiries the order will be cancelled within a 48-hour period of first contact.

Verification may be required for a multitude of reasons and at the discretion of HDD THE LABEL

To ensure there is no delay with an order, please respond to any email/phone call from our team as soon as possible.


I didn't receive my 'verification request' email - can I cancel my order?

You are responsible to act accordingly and reply promptly to all post-order verification requests (if applicable). HDD The Label will not be held responsible for any delays made by us or you (the customer) due to fraud-preventative measures and/or address checks.
Please ensure to routinely check your Spam/Junk folders in case these emails were not successfully delivered to your inbox.


How do you know what order/s to verify? & when do you conduct these checks?

Our 'Fraud Analysis' tools and special manual-verification training enables our verifications team to know what appears suspicious. It is only carried out when a risk appears - trust me, we do not do this for fun.


What advantage does this do for me (the customer)?

Someone may have stolen your payment details to place an order on our website. So, our verifications team at HDD strives to minimise any risk of potential fraud from occurring by ensuring the payment is verified. We play our part to ensure all orders are legitimate.


Why do you need to do this when my payment was made successfully?

These checks are a duty of care which we owe our customers to minimise fraud and to minimise risk of sending your item to an incorrect/ incomplete address. It is in your best interest to co-operate with our verifications team when these processes take place. They are going out of their way to help you & to ensure our website is fraud-free and safe for everyone to enjoy.


Why did I receive an email to verify my order? Or to confirm my shipping address?

Your order may be subject to a routine verification process and/or address-checks. In the event these post-order checks are initiated to you via email (soon after placing your order); your response is required before your order can be fulfilled.


Why has my order been selected for a Security Check?

We care about our customers and the protection of their money.

All online retailers receive fraudulent transactions, which causes both us and the innocent parties much inconvenience and distress. We have a security system in place that flags orders which details need to be confirmed.

Don't be alarmed if this is you! This may simply be because your card does not match the new address you have just moved into.

Our team will contact the cardholder and simply confirm details with them to ensure it is the card owner that has placed the order and not an online thief! Once details are confirmed, orders are resumed and processed as normal.

In no way is this process intended to discriminate, offend or inconvenience our customers; we genuinely want our customers details to be secure when shopping online :)


What Fraud Protection is offered on your website?

All supplied sensitive/credit information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and then encrypted into our Payment gateway provider database where the information is kept confidential. 


Why do I need to send through a screenshot of my info?

The security of your info and money is really important to us so in order to keep our customers safe we perform 100's of security checks every day.

Don't be alarmed if this happens to you, we just need a little more info to validate and confirm the payment of your order so we can have it shipped.

Our security team may contact you by phone, email or text requesting a screenshot of the transaction from your internet banking or banking app. You can of course cover up any personal info like your account number, account balance or other transactions.

We only need to see the date the transaction was made, our business name and the amount of your order being paid to One Honey Boutique so we can verify your payment and have your order processed:)

We may also ask to see your Photo ID to ensure your home address matches, and that your name is the same as the cardholder name.